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Going through a divorce can make you feel like the captain of a boat adrift on a stormy sea. There seems to be a new crisis at every turn, but do not let uncertainty drive you to lose control of the Helm. The more frenzied your emotions, the longer the proceedings and the more costly the divorce. Every decision you make lasts a lifetime.

Let Michele help you separate your emotions from the financial task at hand. Michele has experience representing clients from all financial walks of life; from those with significant marital estates to those with minimal resources.

Michele’s purpose is to be on your divorce team and assist with the financial issues related to your divorce. Your attorney’s role is to know the law; Michele’s is to “know the numbers” since not all assets are equal. Once things are settled, it will be time to prepare for your new beginning.

If you argued about money during the marriage, it is extremely unlikely you will be able to come to an agreement on any financial matters during your divorce.

Divorce Financial Analysis

Michele specializes in helping clients understand the financial implications of their divorce and make informed settlement decisions.

Wealth Management

Michele is an independent financial advisor and is committed to providing objective advice within a framework of financial analysis and wealth management.


Sometimes, foul play is suspected. If so, she can assist your legal team by potentially revealing financial information about hidden assets and income

Business Valuation

If you or your spouse owns a business, a determination of the value will be needed.

Checklist For Costly Mistakes in Divorce

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Divorce is overwhelming!

Let Michele ease the anxiety by answering all your financial questions.

Every decision you make lasts a lifetime.

Divorce is not just about how much you may receive in child and spousal support. Sometimes there are other issues such as expense and tax ramifications with a proposed offer as all assets are not equal. She will analyze recommendations for your case, explore the best strategies for an equitable settlements, and help you understand the short and long-term financial implications. This will help provide you a peace of mind knowing how it effects you now and your future.

Once things are settled, it will be time to prepare for your new beginning. Michele will guide you in financial matters such as creating a new budget, assist with removing your ex’s name off all assets you were awarded, help transfer the accounts you were given, obtain health insurance and change beneficiaries. You will also likely need to construct a financial plan that reflects you and your family’s new needs and financial goals.


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